Victoria Lags Behind Pool Safety Across Australia

Safety organisations and the swimming pool industry are clamoring for the Victoria Government to implement three-yearly safety regulation on home pool fences as the state lags behind other states in mandatory inspection, The Herald Sun reported.

Kidsafe Victoria, Aquatics and Recreation Victoria and Life Saving Victoria are only some of the organisations pushing for mandatory checks. As the existing rules expire in June, Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) Victoria has called for register of pools and mandatory pool fence checks.

Herald Sun quoted SPASA of Victoria chief executive Brendan Watkin saying, ”We want regulation. We want people to be safe and have fantastic experiences with pools. This lack of a law, we believe, endangers people.”

In response, Victorian government spokesperson Pat Lane assured that new draft of building regulation is due out soon that would include “improvements” for spool and spa fences. The local councils are expected to monitor and enforce this new building regulation, Mr. Lane said.

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