Your Ultimate Pool Party Guide

There is no perfect season or occasion to have a pool party. Whether it’s a special day or just like any ordinary day, pool time is a fun time! However, if you want to heighten the fun and excitement there are pool party essentials that you simply can’t disregard.

 Here’s what you need to take note of to plan the ultimate pool party.

1. Get Your Guest List Down

Get Your Guest List Down

The first step in planning a pool party is to get your guest list down. You can always trim down the number of your guests as you consider your backyard space and budget. After finalizing your list, make your guests all excited to attend your party by giving away themed invitations. You can do Luau or Nautical themed Pool Party, or any theme you want to pull.

Check out this free DIY tool where you can choose, edit and download an invitation template for free!

2. Spruce Up your Backyard Pool

Spruce Up your Backyard Pool

The party is not complete without matching decors and designs all over your party place. For luau party, hibiscus flowers, tiki torches and grass skirt come in handy for a great decor. On the other hand, blue & white stripes and chevron pattern make perfect decors for a nautical themed party. Good to know you can always visit Pinterest to get decor ideas for your theme.

While you want your pool party to look incredibly playful and fun, there are important features in the venue you don’t want to miss. One is a shade where guests can relax and take a break from the scorching heat. Another is a hydrating station where jugs of water and ice are available. And lastly, a basketful of towels and sunscreen for everyone’s taking.

3. Prep Some Yummy Snacks

Prep Some Yummy Snacks

When you expect your guests to take a dip in the pool, make sure your menus won’t make them feel bloated. Finger foods, canapes and fruits are your go-to ideas when preparing your yummy menu. Choice nuts and slices of watermelon, kiwi, avocado, and grapes are good pick-me-up snacks. And to satisfy their tummy, you can go for kebab and chicken fritters.  Ice cream and snowball, on the other hand, are a staple for cold treats.

Just remember not to serve heavy and plated meals. Only light ones and sweet treats. This is also helpful for you as they are quick and easy to prepare.

4. Don’t Forget the Drink Station!

Drink Station

Whether you do your party while the sun is up or at night, you always have to prepare a drink station. Sweet treats, the heat and pool activities can easily dehydrate your guests. To prevent this, have a station where guests can choose the drinks they like. And one thing you don’t want to do is to serve on the rocks and hard liquors. The number one cause of drowning among adults in Australia is actually being intoxicated with alcohol.

A good choice is to serve light liquor and non-liquor drinks. For kids, Pink Lemonade is a good choice, while Pineapple and Mango Rum Cocktails would be the perfect choice for adults.

5. Spread Some Good Vibrations with a Party Pool

Good Vibrations with a Party Pool

Good music is best for setting the mode of your party. If you can’t tag along with a Disc Jock, use Spotify playlist with your favorite songs. It has options where you can find related artists or specific playlists that would match your party’s mood.

6. Give Adrenaline-Pumping games

Give Adrenaline-Pumping games

For kids and adults alike, games and fun activities will spice up the pool party experience. There are a number of pool party games for everyone’s enjoyment. One popular game is a water relay where you divide the players into teams and have them fill a bucket with water using anything (clothes, sponge, hands) except a pail or cup. The first team to fill the bucket wins.

Another example is Greasy Watermelon. Divide the players into two teams, and place them at the opposite ends of the pool. Let a petroleum coated watermelon float in the middle of the pool. The first team to get the watermelon to their base wins.

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