Study Confirmed High Amount of Urine in Public Pools, for the First Time

A recently concluded study confirmed the average amount of urine in public swimming pools. The research led by Lindsay Blackstock, a graduate student at the University of Alberta found out that swimmers released 75 litres of urine into a large-sized swimming pool (a third of olympic sized pool) and 30 litres into a pool half of its size.

The test they conducted measures the amount of concentration of artificial sweetener, acesulfame potassium (ACE), commonly found in processed foods and comes out of the body with the urine undisturbed. The research found ACE present in all of the 31 different pools and tubs sampled in two cities in Canada.

Blackstock said that the research aims to promote public awareness on swimming pool hygiene practices.  “We should all be considerate of others and make sure to exit the pool to use the restroom when nature calls.”

The significance of the study is expected to help administrators and the government keep track of the “cleanliness” of public swimming pools. With their sampling and testing method proven valid and well-founded, it will be possible to test pool sanitation and ensure that urine contamination is kept at the minimum.

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