One of the most exciting innovations for swimming pool owners is the development of robotic pool cleaners. These little machines are quite handy when it comes to keeping your pool clean and healthy according to the standards of swimming pool builders in Melbourne. If you are planning on buying one for your pool, let’s discuss first the pros and cons of using robotic pool cleaners so that you understand them better and know what to expect when you get them.

Pros of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Large Debris and Small Particles Cleaning Efficiency

Robotic pool cleaners can help you get rid of both large debris and small particles that contaminate your pool as it comes with its own filter for catching and removing such wastes from your pool. It has an efficient suction system that draws in water inside its body, and then pushes out clean and clear water on its other suction end.

Can Scrub Tile Lines and Pool Walls

New designs are now able to “learn” the shape of your pool and have attachments and parts that help it clean and scrub your pool tiles and walls. Some innovative designs can now even scrub step ladders, and their scrubbing power is so efficient you would never even guess that cleaning was done by a machine.

Circulates Pool Water

Robotic pool cleaners are great sidekicks. Its continuous cycle of suction and expulsion of water in its system aids in circulating the water, aiding in the dispersion of balancing chemicals. The result is a faster spread of pool chemicals, giving you more accurate reading when testing the water after application.

Cons of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Cord Limitation

Your robotic pool cleaner can only go as far as the cord will go. Even if latest models now can be used for deeper pools, the location of your outlet will greatly influence the length of the cord available for manipulating your robotic pool cleaner.

Requires Frequent Cleaning of Built-In Filter

Since your robotic pool cleaner is small in size and very efficient when it comes to catching dirt and debris, you may need to clean the filter a lot more frequently compared to that of your own pool filter. Depending on the amount of dirt that your robotic pool cleaner was able to get from the pool, you may either need to clean it in the middle of the operation or right after every use.

High Cost

Because of the electronics and programming applied to the robotic pool cleaner, your best buddy in pool maintenance is going to cost you a lot. It takes a lot of skill in planning and programming a robotic pool cleaner so that it can be as efficient and effective as you wish it to be, and as responsive to your commands using either the provided remote control, or your smartphone.

Robotic pool cleaners are very handy, and can save you a lot of time and elbow grease when it comes to cleaning pools. However, each model comes with their own limitations, and it’s best to talk things over with your swimming pool builder if you are planning on getting one for your own pool.

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