You have a fabulous swimming pool in Melbourne, and you and your family just can’t get enough of it. Your pool builder advised you over and over again that in pool maintenance is necessary in order to keep your pool running smoothly and stay as beautiful as the first day of pool opening.

There are pool owners who heed the advice of their pool builders, while others think that it’s not an issue that they need to be particularly concerned about. Contrary to what most people think, pool maintenance does not involve merely taking out fallen leaves and debris from the pool. Other factors should be considered such as chemical balance, pool machine efficiency, and aesthetic appearance of the pool.

Here are some of the reasons why you should take pool maintenance seriously, whether you own a new or old pool.


A well-balanced water is very smooth and soft on the skin as well as for the eyes. Soft and clear water in pools is achieved by making sure that each chemical in the pool is within recommended levels, and each level can have significant effects in a pool.

pH for one helps in the action of chlorine. Low pH will cause chlorine to dissolve quicker, while high pH causes chlorine to stay inactive. Too high calcium can result in cloudy water, while too little can cause plaster erosion.


Summer heat is very favourable for bacterial growth. A poorly maintained pool can become a huge petri dish for bacteria that can cause various types of illness ranging from itchy skin to diarrhea. You need to make sure that your chlorine sanitizer is at optimum levels for efficient and effective bacterial control.

Pool Protection

Lack of pool maintenance causes rapid wear and tear of the pool, including pool equipment such as pumps and filters. Accumulated dirt and debris can clog the vents of the motor or impede proper gear rotation, causing motor strain and burn out.

Keeping Algae Out

It would be horrifying to wake up one day and see your pool in dull green color because of algae. A green pool is the ultimate sign that a pool owner has been totally neglectful and careless with his pool maintenance. Algae growth is the main enemy of pool owners as it can be very hard to remove once it has grown in your pool, especially black algae. Your pool should always be scrubbed, vacuumed, treated, and shocked on a regular basis in order to keep algae at bay.

Skipping regular pool maintenance may save you some money, but the cost of repair due to poor neglect can pile up and cause significant strain on your budget. It’s better to put aside some cash for pool maintenance, rather than gathering up resources for swimming pool renovations. If you need assistance with maintaining your pool, our services include swimming pool and spa maintenance so that you are confident in knowing that your pool will always stay healthy and fun to swim in all throughout summer.

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