Pool Maintenance: What Happens When You Save On Pool Chemicals

One of the reasons why you need to maintain the pool is to ensure that the chemical balance of your pool water is at recommended levels. For some pool owners, chemical balance is not an issue. As long as they can swim in their pool, then why spend so much on pool chemicals, right? However, saving on pool chemicals, either by using low-quality or less than the recommended amount and frequency of application, can result in different effects that can ruin your pool experience.

3 Benefits on Saving on Pool Chemicals

Murky, Smelly Water

Murky water means that there’s an accumulation of organic materials in the water, which can result to accumulation of chloramines, or unusable chlorine. Water becomes murky, has a strong chlorine smell that most people often associate to aggressive pool treatment. Swimming in such water is uncomfortable as it stings the eyes, dries the skin, and causes itching.

This type of problem is often caused by low level of sanitizers in the pool. You can correct this by shocking the pool and making sure that you apply sanitizers as needed and according to manufacturer’s instructions and your

Another reason for this is too low levels of stabilizers. Outdoor pools will always deal with rapid chlorine evaporation due to UV exposure, resulting in low levels of chlorine in your pool. This leads to accumulation of harmful organisms in water, transforming your pool into a large petri dish for microbial growth. Stabilizers in the form of cyanuric acid acts by forming a protective wall around chlorine to prevent evaporation and making it last longer. The result is a clear, clean pool that has better defense against microbial growth.

Algae Growth

It’s always depressing and alarming to see pool water that is transformed from being crystal clear to green, murky, and slimy. Algae growth can form because of extreme weather conditions, which is often encouraged or precipitated by low sanitizer levels and poor use of algaecides. Instead of saving, you may end up spending more as you need to clean your pool extensively and shock your pool repeatedly until all the slime and algae are removed and the risk of them coming back is eliminated.

Etching and Staining of Plaster

Low calcium levels in pool can result to etching or peeling of pool plaster.  Contrary to what others will tell you, this is not a result of a poor job given to you by swimming pool builders in Melbourne. This can easily be prevented by making sure that the calcium in your pool is kept at recommended levels.

Maintaining a swimming pool in Melbourne is easy, and there should be no need for you to save on pool chemicals. In fact, saving on pool maintenance will often result in higher expenditures in terms of correcting imbalances and repairing damages caused unstable chemical levels. Keep your pool safe and use good quality chemicals accordingly to keep your pool safe and healthy.

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