Pool Cleaning & Maintenance that You Must Know

You finally have your own pool, and it’s just great frolicking around in it with your family and friends. Just like everything else that you care about, your pool needs proper care and maintenance to keep beautiful and inviting. Here are important pool and spa maintenance steps to help you get started in your own routine. To make it easier, we divided your pool maintenance according to the proper schedule.

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First Month

Once you have your pool done, learn how to operate the pool on your own. Get to know your equipment as well as how to test water chemistry. It’s important that you have the proper water hardness. Hardness of less than 200ppm will cause pool interior problems, while hardness of more than 500 ppm will result calcium scaling.

Get the baseline and recommended data of your water chemistry from your swimming pool builder and keep it as reference. Put it in a record book where you can also write down your own data for comparison and analysis.


It’s important that your pool and spa should have the right balance of chemicals as well as pH to keep the water comfortable and clean. Your water chemistry should include:

  • Salt – 2500-4500ppm (salt water pools)
  • Chlorine – 1-3ppm
  • pH – 7.2-7.8

Optimal pH is 7.2-8.0, and it is important that you do this chemical balance check twice a week during the summer as frequent use and water evaporation can alter water chemistry. This should also be done immediately after heavy rains, storms, and extreme weather conditions.

You should brush the pool and remove any leaves and debris, which you may have to do daily depending on the weather and environment.

Check your cleaning system and clean the skimmer and pump baskets to prevent clogs and debris from damaging your pool equipment.

Every Six Months

Your cartridge filter should be cleaned according to manufacturer directions. You have to test for phosphates and check that your conditioner (cyanuric acid) is at 40-90 ppm. If you have a salt pool, it should be at 79-90 ppm during the summer.

A professional water analysis should also be done for an accurate analysis of your pool water conditions. Taking care of your pool will make it last longer and you will be able to keep within the warranty of your pool. The right maintenance techniques will ensure that you will always have a safe, clean pool to swim in comfort.

Your busy schedule may get in the way of your maintenance routine, but don’t worry. ASAP services include pool and spa maintenance, and our swimming pools builders around Melbourne and expert technicians will be more than happy to do the maintenance works for you.

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