Pool and Spa Accents to Make Swimming More Fun This Summer

Your pool cools you down during the sweltering summer heat, so give back to your water buddy by making it fun and exciting with the following swimming pool accents this coming summer!

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Side yard

Give your spa a bit of intimacy and privacy with side yards that can go perfectly well in narrow spaces. It’s spaced enough to allow light through as having natural light becomes a problem if you have a really close neighbor with high walls.


Now if you live in a really open area where almost anyone can see what you are doing in your spa, then walls can be a god-sent gift. You can decorate the walls with built-in pots for plants, or add accent to it by placing a screen with mood lights.


Sun is wonderful, but if you have problems with having too much sun in your area, a pergola is just the thing to offer you shade from the midday sun. No more having to battle it out with kids who wish to go swimming or spa dipping on a hot day just because there’s just too much sun. Spice it up by installing lights so that you can create a perfect setting for an evening dip. You can also jazz up your pergola by adding some drapes and curtains to create an intimate setting.

Pool Umbrellas

Gone are the days when your pool umbrella is a tacky piece that you can barely tolerate. There are now so many cool designs for pool umbrellas that makes them a stylish addition to your pool or spa, and they are now made with sturdier material that will surely last longer.


Waterfalls can have several purposes for your pool. They can set the mood, create a relaxing atmosphere with the trickling sound of water, be the focal point of your pool, or just simply make your pool more interesting and alive. You can have it designed with stones for a Zen garden effect, or as a straight stream of water flowing down from a wall or pergola.


There are just so many things that you can do with your pool. You can have one accent to make it simple, or make things more interesting by adding a couple more. There are so many ways to make your pool cool and ready for summer, and looking through the ASAP swimming pool gallery page will help give you a lot of ideas on what you can create for a truly wonderful pool.

You are only limited by your imagination, and you a great swimming pool renovation can always be done with the help of amazing pool designers.

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