Ideas to Make Your Pool Safe and Friendly for Kids

Having a pool in your own backyard is one of the greatest joys in life, especially for a kid. In any time of the day, if you want to go have a dip in the pool or simply play out in the sun, you can do so, all-year round. Safety, however, is still the most important factor in letting your kids swim in your own pool. It’s going to take a lot of thinking and planning, and maybe a little more price, but trust us. It’s a lot more worthwhile to know that your kids are safe.

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Pool Construction

If you’re still in the planning process of the construction of your pool backyard then that’s more ideal. Tell your swimming pool builder about your concern about child safety and they would most likely give you various options and features to satisfy your needs.

One of the most common protective feature you can do is building a fence around your pool. This is actually covered by a law that if you own a residential pool, then you need to have a fence that is at least 1.2 meter-high. This helps you and your kids avoid running into accidents without supervision. By putting a fence, your child will have no option to jump into a pool unless the gate is open, or he/she is accompanied by an adult.

Another thing you can do is choose non-slip tiles or pavers for your surfaces and floorings. Kids love to run around while they’re playing and it could be dangerous if they push each other or if the floor is too slippery. Also avoid incorporating designs around your pool that are too sharp.

Additional Protection

If you already have a pool and want to make it more friendly then you can still do something. Try asking your swimming pool builders (Melbourne services) if you can still install a fence. If not, opt for a pool cover so your kids can’t just immediately dive into the water without taking the cover. If your pool is next to a garden or yard, try some artificial grass for a softer and safer surface. These things also help you clean and maintain the pool with less time and less energy.

Adult Supervision

Lastly, adult supervision is still a must. This is not just about keeping an eye on them. As much as possible, go have a swim with them at the same time especially if your kids are still toddlers. Being there makes a huge difference since you are present if ever there’s an injury. Consider as well making rules and teaching your child safety tips for a more harmless play time. If possible, enroll your kids in a swimming lesson! It would be very enjoyable and it would definitely help your child have a more secure swim. Floatation devices are also a great option to further tend to your child.

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