Hydrotherapy: The Benefits of Spa Pools To Your Health

Water therapy has been around for years. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Hindus are some of the civilizations that first explored the therapeutic benefits of water. Public baths were a common place to relax and socialize during the ancient period. In the present age, spa pools are increasingly gaining popularity as a place of relaxation and hydrotherapy.  Modern Science is proving the many health benefits that it can offer. According to a research at University of Wisconsin, hydrotherapy improves joint flexibility, sleep pattern and muscle pain.

In this article, we explore the health benefits that you can get from hydrotherapy.

What is Hydrotherapy?

The use of water to provide relief and treat illnesses is what Hydrotherapy does. This practice of using water to promote physical well-being has long been proven by ancient Greeks, Romans and Hindus to be effective in relieving discomfort, healing wounds and easing up bodily tensions.

Hydrotherapy is an umbrella term for many water therapy techniques. This includes external therapy such as showers and baths, cold & hot compress, body wrap and internal therapy such as drinking mineral water and inhalation therapy. In this article we focus on showers and baths in spa pools.

How Hydrotherapy Works

How Hydrotherapy Works

Hydrotherapy uses the mechanical and thermal effects of water as its primary healing properties. The body’s reaction to cold and hot stimuli has general effects on the nerves and blood flow among other things and the water pressure acts like massaging hands that soothe the muscles and joints.

  • Cold water pushes blood circulation away from the surface. It increases the internal activity of the body and is effective to invigorate the system.
  • Hot water, on the other hand, draws blood to the surface and facilitates the release of toxins from the body. It slows down the activity of internal organs and is effective to soothe and relax the body.
  • When submerged under water, the water current acts like a massage to the body. It stimulates the skin and relaxes the muscles.

Benefits of Spa Pools to Your Health

Benefits of Spa Pools to Your Health

A. Relieve Stress

After along stressful day, warm bath or shower is what everyone is longing for. It is one of the best way to unwind as the warm water soothes the body. Warm water relaxes the blood vessels allowing free circulation of the blood. This causes stress-driven high blood pressure to improve and high pulse rate to relax. Also, warm bath encourages the release of endorphin, a hormone that combats the effects of stress and dopamine, the hormone that gives us a positive vibe.  

B. Improves Night’s Sleep

Sleeping disorders such as insomnia are largely caused by stressful lifestyle. Another benefit of relaxation thru hydrotherapy is better night’s sleep. Research suggest that a 15-minute soak in spa pool, 1 and a half hour before bedtime helps for a better sleep .

C. Rehabilitates Muscle and Joints

Hydrostatic pressure or simply the water current embracing your body compresses your skin, muscles and joints.  It acts like a compression gear covering the body which results to supplying more oxygen to the muscles.  The weightless feeling when submerged in water also helps the relax the muscle and relieve body pain.

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis benefit from the therapeutic effects of hot tubs and water exercises. The improved blood circulation and reduced inflammation patients get from soaking in hot tubs greatly help reduce joint pains.

D. Boosts Immune System

Hydrotherapy allows the lymph to be circulated throughout the body more efficiently and thus strengthens the immune system. Hot baths also improves washing away toxins from the body. This means hydrotherapy effectively detoxifies the body.

These are only some of the many benefits of hydrotherapy. Only recently it is used to reduce high fever, and other potential benefits are still explored and discovered. Now, it’s your time to experience the health benefits of spa pools.

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