Equipment to Improve Pool and Spa Maintenance

Your pool and spa needs proper maintenance in order for them to run efficiently, and utilizing equipment that is recommended by your swimming pool designers and spa builders will guarantee easy pool upkeep and preservation.  If you have forgotten what they are, here’s the list of equipment that will make maintenance a breeze for everyone in your home or family.

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Telescopic Poles

Often most neglected, but highly important. Telescopic poles come in different lengths, depending on how wide or deep your pool is. It is highly suggested that you get one that has holes at the end so that different maintenance tools can be attached to it for a versatile pool and spa maintenance.

Skimmer Nets

This basic piece of equipment is a must. Its fine mesh helps take out both big and small debris that often fall in your pool during water play time. Handle is often long and other times extendable to reach across as well as beneath the pool easily at almost any angle.

Pool and tile Brushes

Brushing is very important for pool maintenance and your swimming pool and spa needs this on a weekly basis. Algae, debris, and film deposits often accumulate on tiles, making the walls slimy and unappealing. Use stainless steel for plaster/concrete pools, and plastic bristle brushes for vinyl pools.

Pumice Stone

Helps you remove localized stains on concrete pools. It comes with a long handle, or with a short one that can be attached to a telescopic pole for hard-to-reach areas. This is good for concrete pools as it keeps the integrity of the surface without doing much damage while efficiently taking out stains and dirt.

Vacuum Heads

Any debris that cannot be removed by skimmer nets should be removed using vacuum heads. You can get one that has wheels for concrete pools, or one that has brushes underneath it for vinyl-lined pools to prevent scratches. Get one that is good and sturdy as you will be doing the vacuuming on a regular basis.

Vacuum Hose

You would definitely need this for your vacuum head. Just fill it with water and attach one end to your vacuum head, and the other one to your skimmer suction hole or dedicated vacuum line. No more worrying about where to deliver the debris and how to keep it from spilling over the pool again. Just drag the vacuum head and the hose along with the motor will do its thing in cleaning the pool for you.

Leaf Trap

Falling leaves are often a problem for pools surrounded by trees, shrubs, and other plants. Make it easier on yourself by getting a leaf trap so that your pump is protected from leaves.

Pool and spa maintenance should be taken seriously, and a sound knowledge of maintenance equipment will ensure that your pool and spa will serve you longer and better. Make sure that you have all the necessary tips from your swimming pool builder about how to perform as well as schedule pool and spa maintenance to make it easier both for you and your pool.


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