Demand for Space-Saving Pools Coincide the Small-block Trend

The ultimate dream of resort-style living has always remained popular among Australians, and the demand for backyard swimming pools increases more than ever as reported by The West Australian. According to the report, the average pool size is cut from 7.5×3.5m pool to 4×5.5m pool. But despite the decrease in the average block size, it does not deter homeowners to seek pools that can be incorporated into their homes.

Clever design is the key in incorporating swimming pool in small spaces. Tim Davis a Landscape architect told The West Australian: “One of the things we often do is try and minimise pool fencing. Effectively, you just need to achieve a pool fence or a barrier, which can sometimes be the actual shell of the pool.”

Luxury pool accessories and add-ons are also a trend these days. These include fully tiled pool flooring, electric heat pumps, and water jets which make for a good addition to the small pool.

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