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With innovative designs and ideas, and 100% dedication in having ASAP as your swimming pool builder, we strive to offer a service that is insurmountable throughout Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs while still giving you a cutting edge and glamorous swimming pool.

As a swimming pool construction and renovation team, we pride ourselves in keeping abreast of new and better pool equipment releases, safety and pool building standards, and in design and construction techniques. The tradesmen we use are the best in the business and offer decades of experience in all fields and aspects of swimming pool construction, and the materials and equipment we supply are the pinnacle of the pool industry.

Whether renovating an existing swimming pool, or building a new one, allow our professional pool builders to help you customise your home, and your lifestyle.

Contact our spa and swimming pool builders to know more about ASAP and how to book our services!

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An award-winning national leader covering pool design, planning and construction, we breath life into recreational spaces through beautiful form and function.



Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, this is a guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.

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Not only does Australian Spas And Pools install the top of the range swimming pool equipment such as Pentair Intelliflo pumps and Intellitouch controllers or Pool Controls Chemigems and Saltigems and not only do we install the best components available such as the Paramount In-floor Cleaning system and Spa Electrics lighting but we also maintain a stringent quality control system that ensures every stage of the building of your pool meets and exceeds all the standards it has to. ASAP pool builders in Melbourne are the best in the industry and have decades of experience behind them. These guys know what they are doing and what they are talking about, and are in big demand throughout the pool & spa industry.

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We strive to meet the strictest of safety standards, complying with international JSA, all of our employees and contractors are required to have up to date work cover and public liability insurances.  Not only does this mean that each person working on site has necessary protection, but the safety and well being of you and your family are our utmost priority.  In addition to this, you are covered if anyone in the public (a jogger going past your house for instance) is accidentally injured.  We are well aware that accidents do happen, but by taking all possible precautions we ensure that they aren’t likely to happen on your job, and that when they do happen, everyone is well looked after.

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We design spas & swimming pools according to our client’s preferences.

Australian Spas And Pools offer a no obligations design service, meaning you can purchase one of our set designs, or we can design something specifically for you and your home, without you feeling the pressure or need to use us to build your pool. This is especially convenient if you already have a builder who you are using.

All of our designs are interchangeable and customisable, i.e: you can shift a spa from the end to the side, alter the depths or any other dimensions, or add on water features such as fountains, waterfalls, or jets.

Contact us with any queries regarding your pools design.


We are committed to QUALITY, SAFETY  & DESIGN in every project and task we take on.

Contact us today at Australian Spas and Pools for a no-obligation appointment. Let us explore the best way to transform your yard or decking into the perfect and relaxing recreational space.

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