A Push for a Mandatory Pool Fence in ACT

The Royal Lifesaving Australia urges the Australian Capital Territory to legislate swimming pool fencing retroactively.

Currently, swimming pool owners are not required to install fences around their swimming pool, but the advised mandatory will retroactively affect even old time owners. This is despite the fact that ACT recorded the lowest number of drowning incidents, contributing only less than one percent on a national scale.

“The decrease in drowning in children under the age of five is a very good example of how the community, the government and water safety organisations can come together and bring about a reduction in drowning,” Mr Scarr said, chief executive of the society.

Drunk men record the highest number of drowning incidents.

In the year 2014-2015 two people died drowning according to the report of Royal Lifesaving Society Australia (RLSS). And nationally, drowning rate among infants fell by 30%. However, the chief of the Royal Lifesaving said that there’s much to be done by the government.

Alarmingly, 4 in every 5 who drowned across the country in 2015 were men or boys. In a statement, Scarr said, “Men as we know take unnecessary risks, they overestimate their ability and in many cases fail to participate in programs like Swim and Survive….” Drowning incidents were found mostly under the influence of alcohol.

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