If you’re looking for a private retreat but don’t feel like driving hours on end just to reach a destination, or you feel like taking a dip after long tiring day or just a place to lounge around to enjoy a good book with a perfect cup of cocoa or a glass of wine, consider setting up your own plunge pool in your own home. Perfect for those sweltering hot summer days (and nights), a cold plunge pool is a surefire way to beat the summer heat without bracing the hot summer sun driving to a destination.


50 Most Amazing Plunge Pools for Your Home

Plunge pools are perfect focal points for open spaces in your own home, and they don’t need to occupy as much space as their big brother counterparts, the full-scale swimming pool.  It can fit just right where you want it, how you want it.  Plunge pool and spa builders have an arsenal of materials and techniques just so they can create your very own oasis paradise right on your doorstep (or backyard, or patio, you name it!). The elevated plunge pools below make for perfect night caps under the summer stars.


Perfect for mini dipping during my ‘me’ time.

2Fastlane Pools

I don’t know which one to like more, the elevated plunge pool or the wide open space.


Fastlane Pools

Image courtesy of www.homedesignlover.com

This elevated plunge pool opens up to a majestic mountain view.

Image courtesy of www.zillow.com

A dip in your white colored plunge pool will remind you of Santorini, now where’s that sunset?

Plunge Pool with Contrast Colours

The contrast of colors is very interesting.


JDL Design

Image courtesy of www.houzz.com

The black and white combination exudes the simplicity in the design without compromising elegance.


Minke Pools

Image courtesy of www.nightlightinc.net

The candles serve as a focal point of the plunge pool design

Image courtesy of www.interiordesignwiki.com

Love those wooden steps leading to the pool.


C.O.S. Design

Image courtesy of www.sad.ukrbio.com

The plants framed the elevated plunge pool on this one.

Image courtesy of www.zhuke.com

The dark colored finish of the elevated plunge pool is set nicely over a white backdrop ridden with Chinese bamboo.

The plunge pool is set on high ground overlooking the terrain below.


Grounded – Richard Risner RLA, ASLA

Create your personal aquatic nook surrounded by lush greens and hideaway from the stresses of the day in your own plunge pool.  Keep company or embrace solitude, these places of solace provide a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily grind.  Recharge your spirit gearing you up and ready the next work day to face the concrete jungle.

Personal Nook

Make this your own personal nook.



I like the fact that this small plunge pool can be accessed from three sides.

Image courtesy of www.houzz.com.au

The blue mosaic tiles and the well placement of foliage brings this design up front in my list.


Harrison’s Landscaping

Image courtesy of www.forfur.com

Ideal for weekend with the kids!



This pool was meant to be enjoyed by all ages, look at those four landings in the pool!


Katie Leede & Company Studio

Image courtesy of www.famo.canuckingabroad.com

I love that the plunge pool ran almost the whole length of the wall, just maximizing that strip of space.


Sanctum Design


Whether the pool was built with the house or not, they stuck true with the color scheming, everything just blended in.


Pools by Design

Image courtesy of www.freehouseinteriordesignideas.com

This design just proves that no space is too small to have your own plunge pool, look at those angles!


Space Landscape Designs

Plunge Pool with Iconography

The iconography here sets the whole ambiance, draws the attention to the area above the pool.

Plunge Pool for Families

Another one perfect for families with kids.

Plunge Pools with Doors

I love the way the door just opens up to the pool.
Fenced Plunge Pool
Simple design not occupying all of the available space.


Sean Jancski Landscape Architects LLC

Granite Plunge Pool1

The use of teak wood, pebbles and granite just works for this design.



Forever Pools

This handsome plunge pool made use of striped fabric and intricately designed ornaments to be noticed, and look at that teak flooring!


Futari Design

Plunge Pool with Wind Breakers

Use of wood in the wind breakers is consistent with the color of the wooden floor


The blue water is accentuated with the use of white stone finish.

Plunge Pool with Wood Design1

The use of  wood in detail is excellent

Plunge Pool for Weekend Barbecue

Perfect for entertaining guests over a weekend barbecue.


The wood finish is consistent with the color of the other elements in this design.


Building Designers Association of WA (BDA WA)

Plunge pools are not meant for exercise, made to be enjoyed lounging around, set it off with mood lights to hit just the right ambiance whether it be a night with friends or with your significant other or some quality time with the kids.  Picking the right lighting spells the difference of the appearance of your plunge pool, the designs below made sure that the pool is highlighted with the installation of lights.


Plunge Pool at Night Time

This pool is amazing at night time with the lights turned on.

Contemporary Plunge Pool

This contemporary design made good use of spot lights.

Plunge Pool with LED Lights1

The LED lights defined the edges of the pool very well.  The aquamarine colored water looks so inviting.


The choice of colors and the right lighting gives the allure of warmth and comfort in this plunge pool layout.


Dungan Nequette Architects


The chocolate brown furnishings make this plunge pool a venue to meet up with friends.  I wonder how it looks at night.


Building Designers Association of WA (BDA WA)

Pebbled Plunge Pools

The pebbles terminate the edge of the pool allowing for a little more space before the wall.

Green Themed Plunge Pool

I particularly like the green color of the pool and the illuminated steps leading from the pool house to the plunge pool.


Folio Design LLP

Plunge pools can take different shapes, and you can choose one that best complements the architecture of your house or the overall layout of the whole property.  Looking like oversized saunas these round plunge pools look like the best way to cool off during a hot summer (or night!).


Outdoor Plunge Pool

The plunge pool is situated with a little distance from the house most probably to keep the noise at bay coming from its teenage users.

Dipping Pool Design Ideas Best Gorgeous Dipping Pool Design Ideas Year Round Dipping Pools Bionic Backs Desert Balance Design

This utilitarian plunge pool is situated out in the open wilderness.

Bubble Plunge Pool

Its round, blue and has bubbles, where do I change into swim clothes?

Elevated Round Pool

Another elevated round pool design for those rustic nights.

Little Round Oasis

This little round oasis is readily accessible.


Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

You’ve heard it all before, less is more; in this case, a little less pool, more open space.  These ideal plunge pools are situated next to open areas.  Let your eyes wander as you wade in cool waters of your own plunge pool.


Plunge Pool on Golf Course

This plunge pool opens up to a golf course.


Nothing beats combining design elements like the plunge pools below.  Right next to the pools are chimneys and fire pits, serving both as a serene focal point for the house and an inviting communal area. Roast marshmallows while listening to the gushing waterfalls in the pool or relax in warm water while listening to the crackling of firewood, your choice.


Plunge Pool with Contrasting Elements

Two contrasting design elements, water and fire,  complementing each other.

Plunge Pool with Mountain View

This plunge pool design sure knows how to make use of the mountain view.

Plunge Pool next to a Fireplace

A fireplace next to the pool, what will they think of next?

Property owners living beside the sea can sure seek inspiration from these plunge pool installations with a spectacular view of the sea.  It’s like getting two benefits in one activity.  Enjoy the sea breeze while taking a dip in your own plunge pool, not to mention soaking up all that wonderful view.


Plunge Pool with Rock Formations

This plunge pool has a majestic view of the rock formations jutting out into the sea

Plunge Pool by the Sea

This plunge pool installation gives the surreal impression that the pool is part of the sea, or the sea part of the pool!


Peter Glass & Associates

Plunge Pool with a Sea View

This plunge pool sure has a nice sea view.
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