5 Natural Pool Ideas for Your Backyard

Natural swimming pools are the next big thing in backyard renovations for many Australians. Gone are the days of concrete kidney-shaped pools that can be quite boring when not in use.  Unlike traditional inground or aboveground pools, natural swimming pool adds great wonder to your home. It is a slice of paradise that everyone can have for his home.

Before we give you 5 of the best natural swimming pool (NSP) ideas, here’s what you need to know about NSP.

For the uninitiated, it is a mistake to think that natural swimming pools are brackish and unsanitary. On the contrary, it is as clean as you would get with traditional swimming pool minus the chemical additives like chlorine because natural pools are organic and chemical free. It works just like how nature filters out harmful dirt and microorganism in the water. In short, natural pools are a copy of the natural water ecosystem.

How does it work?

It works by employing two separate pools: the swimming area where you take a dip, waddle and swim and the regeneration zone where you grow the plants and microorganism ecosystem that naturally filters the pool water. The gravel and the water plants plus the naturally occurring bacteria work together to biologically make your NSP clean, safe and swimmable.

How much does it cost?

Contrary to popular belief, natural pools cost almost the same as your traditional swimming pools. And the good side is that the maintaining cost is low as you won’t need chemicals. You’ll only splurge on the complementary garden landscaping to make it grander and more beautiful.

What’s good about it?

Well, nothing’s better than transforming your backyard into a paradise garden pond. You can never go wrong with natural pools to prettify your outdoor space. Also, it is all natural, no chemicals included while keeping it clean and safe for the family. Lastly, the maintaining cost won’t break a bank: it consumes less energy compared to traditional pools.

1. Natural Infinity Pool

Natural Infinity Pool

Image Source: Bio Top Pools

We previously covered the enchanting illusion of infinity pools, but imagine what beauty it would have if your infinity pool is surrounded by water lilies and foliage?  

2. Natural Lap Pool

Natural Lap Pool

Image Source: Houzz by Armond Aquatech Pools

If you’re into swim laps, or you just don’t have enough space, a lap pool with a regeneration zone on the side is what you might want to consider.

3. Natural Plunge Pool

Natural Plunge Pool

Image Source: Pinterest

Up your small garden with a garden swimming pool. While you can’t literally swim in this plunge pool, the kids would surely love this natural pool. For adults, this is a good place if you want to soak after a stressful day.

4. Natural Pool with Uplights

Natural Pool with Uplights

Image Source: Pinterest

To make your natural pool conducive for night pool parties, consider concrete liners and install an uplighting of your choice. This makes for a modern twist in your garden backyard.

5. With Footprints and Bridge

With Footprints and Bridge

Image Source: BioNova Natural Pools

You can add small walkways and bridge across your natural swimming pool to complete your garden pond cum swimming pool.


You can enjoy the beauty, fun, and convenience of having a natural pool in your own backyard. Just contact the swimming pool experts so we can help you.

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