5 Amazing Swimming Pool Ideas for 2015

Swimming pools continuously evolve in terms of function and look. Designs are always changing, and 2015 is a new year for updated swimming pool looks that are trendy and fashionable. The most common aspects for fabulous pools this year are optical illusion and dual functionality. Here are ways to help you make your pool hot and smoking for 2015

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Glass Tiles

These just add beauty and style to your pool in so many possible ways. Glass tiles are as smooth as your traditional ceramic tiles, but gives your pool that resort air. The depth of color combined with your clear, sparkling pool water adds a wonderful pleasing effect as well as subtle iridescent color displays depending on the time of day. This can also accent the effects of your mood lights, giving your pool an almost dream like feeling that will just make you wish you can stay at your pool the whole day.


This streamlined pool design is different from the infinity-edge pool where in the water overflows or spills over all the four edges of your pool as opposed to just one edge. This gives your pool that illusion that it is part of the horizon. This is perfect for pools that are situated near cliffs, or even on raised pool designs.

Nature Inspired

Waterfalls that is formed through rocks, or a landscape with thick, luscious greens that simulate the forest can give you this ethereal pond that is relaxing both to the ears and eyes. The sound of cascading water on the rocks is very soothing, while the greenery is very pleasing to the eyes.

Shallow Ledges

Family friendly pools can still be trendy as the shallow edges can be installed with built-in chairs, lounges, and umbrellas. You can just sit back and relax in the pool under the shade without having to swim in your pool.

Outdoor Kitchen and Living Room

Entertaining by the pool is the in thing for 2015. You can put out sofas, tables, couches, and your prized TV by the pool so that you can entertain all your guests whether they wish to swim or not. This is perfect for guests who wish to stay longer, or if you have surprise visits from loving relatives while you’re doing your pool time.

What’s more, a simple BBQ no longer works for the pool trendy. We’re talking about stoves, ranges, subzero fridges, sinks, dish washers, counter tops, you name it. You will be prepping and cooking your food pool side and be like your favorite celebrity chef as your guest enjoy your lavish pool.

Swimming pool designers will make it easier for you to come up with a great design for either a new pool, or to update your old one. Hiring consultants will ensure that you get the best pool design for 2015 and provide you with a plan so that you stick to your budget and still see to the pool’s completion just in time for summer.

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