21 Swimming Pool Party Essentials

Summer is finally here!

It’s time to go out in the sun and soak up in your backyard swimming pools. The summer is more fun if you can tag along your friends for a swimming pool party. And as you prepare for your next pool party, we give you this quick list of swimming pool party essentials you shouldn’t miss.

1. Sunglasses & Bottle opener

Sungla+sses is an essential accessory while bottle opener is important for your beverages. This ridiculously awesome party pool essential is something you wouldn’t want to miss: a cool sunglasses cum bottle opener.

2. Colorful Sunscreen

As you splash and party under the sun, make sure your skin is energized with a good dose of sunscreen. It is essential to keep sun burns away. Spruce up under the sun with colorful sunscreen such as these Zinka sunsscreen.

3. Towels

Prepare a good pile of towels for guests to use in case they forget one. To make it extra fun, use printed towels such as these ones from The ICONIC.

4. Cute Colorful Grill

For the food menu, don’t forget to prepare barbecues. Take your barbecue party at the poolside, and get a colourful grill to prep your food.

5. Snow Cone Cocktails

For refreshment, shaved ice topped with sweetened fruits and cocktails will surely freshen you up this summer. Follow this awesome guide to concoct your best snowcone cocktail.

6. Silicone Wine Glasses

In a party where everything and everyone can get wild, you wouldn’t want to break wine glass at the peril of your guests. To solve this, try using silicone wine glass. It is extra safe and yes, it’s awesome!

7. No-melt Ice Cream Cake

Never forget to treat your guests with Ice Cream Cake! It is a very good sweet treat this summer. If you’re worried it might melt, follow this DIY no-melt ice cream cake.

8. Waterproof Speaker

Good party tunes are important to set good vibes and keep everyone partying. And for pool parties, you would want to have hi-fi waterproof speakers.

9. Floating Pool Speaker ($70)

Up your waterproof speaker with a something you can get along with you while you swim. There’s an available floating speaker in the market to make your party boombastic!

10. Suit up your iPhone for a dive

Pool party is more fun if you can bring your iphone into the waters. You’ll definitely need this scuba suit to waterproof your iphone.

11. Underwater Camera

Never miss all the moments you have underwater with a completely waterproof camera. This cute toy camera is soakable underwater.

12. Colourful & crazy floats

Get crazy with your pool party with colorful and awesome floats. Not only will it be a fun floater to use, it is also a wonderful addition to your pool party decor.

13. Floating Fridge

Let everybody get the bottles and cans they want while swimming with a floating fridge or cooler. Pack them full of ice and choiced beverages to quench the thirst of your guests.

14. Glow Pool Balloons

Make your night pool party with pool balloons glowing in candy colors. What’s cool about this is that it is perfectly safe, no electricity and you can do it on your own. Just fill a latex balloon with glow sticks.

15. Patio Umbrella

If the sun gets extra scorching hot, prepare a patio umbrella for a shade. Of course, complete this poolside furniture with chairs and side tables.

16. Colorful Chairs

You mustn’t forget to prepare a cool and comfy poolside chairs. Your guests might want this to fuel up or take a little chit-chat.

17. Poolside Furniture

With a complete set of poolside furniture, you and your guests ca enjoy your cocktails, canapes, and games!

18. Inflatable Joust Game

For the games, you can add a swimming pool joust game to make your pool party extra fun. This game gets crazy after a pool beer pong game.

19. Inflatable Beer pong Table.

Beer pong is essential for every adult party. With this inflatable table, the gang can enjoy the game while taking a dip in the pool. The inflatable table is a high quality foam that can float on water and can carry 6-10 cups on each end.

20. Giant Jenga

Level up your jenga game with a gigantic ones. A giant jenga is a great game for guests who want to soak under the sun. making your own giant jenga is a breeze, just follow this DIY.

21. Water Guns

Play a war game with these nerf water guns. This is one of your best games for a pool party. Form two teams and fill your water guns with water dyed with food coloring.

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