2016’s Top Swimming Pool Design Trends

Summer is officially ending but just because it’s over doesn’t mean your fun under the sun has to end too. And how awesome would it be not to spend another summer in a crowded beach and instead spend it in the confines of your own backyard?

Many of us dream of having our own pool but couldn’t decide what kind of design aesthetic to go with. And with the wide array of swimming pool models out today, how do we know which route to take?

Well don’t worry because Australian Spas and Pools got you covered!

Join us as we unravel this year’s top swimming pool trends that will surely excite every pool enthusiast out there and give you an idea on how swimming pool designs changed over the past year.


A Lookback on 2015's Top Swimming Pool Designs

A Lookback on 2015’s Top Swimming Pool Designs

Swimming pool architecture has undeniably changed over the years. Starting off as ground for athletic training now turned into a personal backyard vacation. And when it became a status symbol, almost everyone has to have it.

A well-sought out after commodity as such requires innovation to make it viable to the people. Hence, it has turned into an art with its builders revolutionizing swimming pool architecture with hotels and resorts serving as their gallery to exhibit their masterpiece. Infinity pools and LED-lighted pools are just some of the innovations swimming pool builders introduced over the past year which is a noticeable trend in most (if not all) recreational places.

From glass tiles to fiberglass pools, swimming pool trends gets better each year. But how did these trends evolved over the past year? Check out these trends that made a huge hit in 2015.


Fire Features Swimming Pool

1. Fire Features. Swimming is not particularly for summer. Sometimes, regardless of the season, you just want to take a dip after a long day and relax. And to put off the harsh cold and add a little bit drama, incorporating fire into your pool to light up the evening or just add flare to you night swimming makes the experience more exciting. Decorating the edges of the pool with a fire pit or a fire cauldron are some of the trends in the upscale sector of pool designs. Some even pushed the envelope and added a fire volcano in the middle of the pool to give it a “tropical island” feel and making different fire elements float on the pool.


Glass-tiles Swimming Pools

2. Glass-tiles. Definitely screams luxury, incorporating Glass Tiles into a swimming was also a hit in 2015. The texture and appearance of it gives any pool a sophisticated, iridescent look. Some only integrate glass tiles in certain parts of their pool, while others actually use the material to line the entire pool. But don’t be deceived because glass tiles not only offer a state-of-the art appearance but also offers resilience as the material is considered as more durable than porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles.


Knife-edge Swimming Pools

3. Knife-edge pools. A knife-edge pool is actually similar to an infinity pool. Both create a flat, glass-like appearance but a knife-edge pool, as its name suggests, has pointed ends where the water flows continuously creating a disappearing-edge effect. The pool has “hidden slots” underneath to bring back the overflowing water back into the pool, giving it an never-ending effect.  


Tanning-Ledges Swimming Pools

4. Tanning Ledges. Also known as baja shelves, tanning ledges also gained popularity in the previous year.In fact, according to Bruce Dunn, tanning shelves is an incredibly popular, family-friendly innovation”. Tanning ledges allow you to tan on the water without getting all the way in it as these shelves are only submerged about one foot deep.


Water-Features Swimming Pools

5. Water Features. Adding water features into the pool became a hot trend in 2015. Swimming pool builders incorporate rocks and cascading waterfalls that is very reminiscent of natural waters. It became widely popular in several countries, particularly in the West, with waterfalls, fountains, and water walls being the most evident water features in the past year. But waterfalls in particular is the most sought-after water feature as it creates a Zen atmosphere and exudes a relaxing vibe, spa-like experience


2016's Top Swimming Pool Designs that Will Excite You

2016’s Top Swimming Pool Designs that Will Excite You

New year, entails new trends. And although 2015 has come and gone, some of the swimming pool landscape and architecture that made a buzz last year will still be imminent in the coming years.

But if you think what you saw beforehand was impressive, wait until you see what this year’s trends has to offer — breathtaking would be an understatement.

  • Upgraded Tanning Ledges – Tanning ledges became a trend last year but these tanning ledges were mostly just an open space. But this year, several outdoor features will be added to update tanning trends like beach umbrella, outdoor couch, and lounge chairs to name a few.
  • Natural Pools – A cost-effective and eco-friendly trend that will surely be a hit to pool owners, especially those under a budget, are natural pools. It incorporates plants into or around the pool and uses sand filters to keep the pool clean and healthy. Hence, pool owners can actually save a ton of money from pool maintenance as natural pools eliminates the use of chlorine and other agents.
  • 360  knife-edge pools Although knife-edge pool started to become a trend in 2015, this year will show a more revolutionized versions with a 360 degrees water overflow that goes beyond the infinity effect. Moreover, all of the spa perimeter will have the “hidden slots” for the water-recycling process, but unlike in the previous designs, these slots will be surrounded by ledges where one can tan under the sun or add pool features such as firebowls, plants, statues, and other pool furnishings.
  • Technology Integration – Most pool owners are seeking ways for a much more simpler and convenient way of controlling and maintaining their pools. And given the emergence of internet of things, most swimming pool builders have made smartphones compatible with pools to make give  owners a hassle-free alternative to control the different features of their swimming pools such as lighting, pumps, water temperatures, and cleaners.  
  • Heating and Cooling Systems – No need to wait for the summer to swim or have a jacuzzi to swim at night because temperature pumps will be trend this year. Heating pumps has been eminent in pools but there are models today that offer both heating and cooling features which can be beneficial especially in locations wherein the heat can be unbearable.
  • Small Pools – Most people want a pool in their backyard but don’t have suffice space to do it. But don’t worry because 2016 is no longer about enormous pools. Small pools or plunge pools have a compact design that can fit any type of backyard and ideal for those who enjoy chilling as much as swimming lapses. Plus, plunge pools comes at a relatively affordable package than a regular swimming pool.  


How Swimming Pool Builders Can Help You

How Swimming Pool Builders Can Help You

A swimming pool is one luxury in the world that everyone wish to have but just couldn’t afford. If anything, some pools can even be as expensive as a house itself. Which is why it is important to leave its construction and maintenance to expert builders. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a swimming pool builder and how they can help you:

  • Cost. A huge investment as such requires professionals to undertake every step as you are spending thousands to build it. A swimming pool builder can help you construct a pool that would endure the test of time because they only use high-quality and appropriate materials that guarantees a lasting pool. Moreover, swimming pool builders ensure that every penny you spend would turn into a worthy investment. Most pool builders would even provide your cheaper alternatives but without compromising the quality of the pool.  
  • Design and Architecture. There’s a wide array of swimming pool design and architecture today that can overwhelm anyone. But hiring a swimming pool builder can alleviate the stress and help you design a swimming pool that suits your need, and of course your space. Whether it’s the traditional rectangular-shaped or freeform pools, deep or shallow, they can create your dream pool. Additionally, they can help you decide the suitable features and hydraulic systems to be added to create the perfect experience.
  • Safety. You can rely on swimming pool builders to create a pool that can be both enjoyable and naturally safe. They are highly-trained professionals who prioritizes safety above else because swimming pools, if not secured, can be dangerous especially to children. They can help you ensure that the proper and appropriate equipments are installed and that its construction has been made and developed according to safety rules and regulations.


Are You Dealing with the Best Swimming Pool Builders?

Are You Dealing with the Best Swimming Pool Builders?

Now that you know the trends for swimming pool design and architecture, time to actualize those dreams. But first you need to know whether you’re dealing with the best swimming pool builders. You wouldn’t want your hard-earned money to put to waste right? To help you determine the best swimming pool builder, here are the factors you should consider:

  • Evaluate the Swimming Pool Builder. There are a lot of swimming pool builders out there and to know if they’re actually good at what they do is assess their company and work they’ve done. Everything you need to know is available in the internet, if not their website, so it is best to do your research.
  • Certified.  A swimming pool builder must be a certified professional and are complying with international safety standards to ensure  safe and quality pool services and knows the appropriate design and architecture to be undertaken.
  • Pristine Record. A clean slate, although not necessary, can help you easily decide whether the contractor you are hiring can live up to its name and do the job. Also, this will help you understand the kind of pool construction and design aesthetic they do.
  • Versatility. Not all can afford a swimming pool so it is best to get a contractor who can offer flexible rates and alternatives but without compromising the quality of the pool.
  • Innovative. Given the constant evolution of swimming pool design trends, your builder must be on top of its game when it comes to design and able to adapt with the change while considering client satisfaction.


The perfect example is Australian Spas and Pools. While they offer their own pool designs, they also do custom-made and customized designs depending on the needs and lifestyle of their clients, as well as the landscaping of the property.

Swimming pools remains to be a dream for many of us but who said we can’t have one in the comforts of our own property? Given the advancement of swimming pools, specifically in terms of design and architecture, even those on a tight budget or a relatively smaller space can have a vacation everyday even without leaving the house. It just pays to have a reliable contractor who can actualize your dream pool without breaking the bank.

Want to have your very own backyard vacation? Look for a swimming pool contractor to help your swimming pool dreams come alive? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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