Over 17,000 Backyard Pools in Perth Failed Safety Inspections

Figures gathered by The Sunday Times reveal that more than 17,000 backyard pools across Perth failed safety standards in the past year.

Under the WA law, backyard pools are required to undergo inspection every four years. Based on the turnout of last year’s survey, 29 councils of Perth revealed that 17,415 pools were non-compliant. The Shire of Kalamunda has a tremendous 84% non-compliant backyard pools while Mundaring has 55% pools that failed the safety standards, followed by Claremont (52%), Joondalup (51 %),  and Stirling (50%), respectively.

Common safety failures among the non-compliant backyard pools include damaged or no fencing, absence of self-closing gates, and insecure windows near the pool area. Homeowners who received notices only have three times to comply with the regulation. Those who repeatedly fail the inspection are imposed with hefty fines of up to $4,000 and council penalties.

Meanwhile, a trend that raises the risk of drowning is the growing popularity of inflatable pool. The chief executive of Bassendean noted that inflatable pools are “present a real and serious risk to small children.”

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