15 Swimming Pool Exercises for a Fitter & Sexier You

Summer is fast approaching. It is the best time to take a dip and relax in the pool and enjoy swimming and pool parties-but more importantly, it is also the best time to do pool exercises and achieve a fit and healthy body. Getting soaked in cold or warm water delivers therapeutic benefits to your health, while doing exercises tones your body, burns fats, and strengthens your cardio. In short, pool exercise is the best way to get a summer body.If you’ve ever planned to do workout but find yourself slacking off, worry no more because the summer sun will get you all

If you’ve ever planned to do workout but find yourself slacking off, worry no more because the summer sun will get you all energised to keep these exercises usual parts of your daily habits. Adding pool exercises in your morning workout routine is sure to boost you for the day ahead.Just ready a noodle and your comfy swimwear to do these pool exercises:

Just ready a noodle and your comfy swimwear to do these pool exercises:

1. Leg Raise

Tones your abs, hips and legs

Float on a deep water by wrapping a noodle around your upper back and holding its ends. Extend your feet down to the bottom, feet together and toes pointed. Then, raise knees towards chest and hold for 3 seconds. Relax the legs, and go back to the first position.

Do 20 repetitions.

2. Water Lunges

Strengthens lower body and core muscles. Tones thighs, buttocks and legs

In waist-deep water, hold hands on hips and lunge right foot forward. Keep posture straight and bend leading legs to 90 degrees. Jump up with scissor leg and land with left leg bent to 90 degrees.

Do 15-20 repetitions.

3. Water noodle squat rotation

Tones Abs, butt and legs

In chest-deep water, stand with feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart. Hold noodle up with hands slightly wider than shoulder-width in water surface. Squat and draw noodle close to knees. Then, stand up while rotating torso to the right and moving noodle to the side. Rotate back to the center and repeat the sequence on left side for one repetition.

Do 20 repetitions.

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4. Drop Anchor

Workouts abs, hips and buttocks

Float in deep water while holding pool ladder with slightly bent elbows. Place noodle under abdomen and float with legs extended behind and feet together. Then, lower legs to pool bottom to form 90 degree angle. Then go back to first position.

Do 20 repetitions

5. Treading

Works out legs, thigh and cardio

Do treading for 30 seconds then backfloat to rest for another thirty seconds. Then repeat.

Do 10-30 repetitions

6. Pool Planking

Tones abs, lower back and arms

Do a planking position by resting your feet on the pool ladder and float by holding a noodle with both hands shoulder-width apart, arms straight. Lower the noodle onto the water and keep position for 30 seconds.

Do 10 repetitions.

7. Submerged Crunch

Works out Abs

With noodle under knees, float on back, arms straight on the sides. Then crunch until your hands reach the noodle. Return to starting position, then repeat for 20 times.

8. Arm Press

Tones arms and chest

Stand in chest-high water, extend hands forward with palms open and fingers spread and thumbs up. Then move arms back and forth, and up and down. For a challenge, increase your speed.

Do 20 repetitions.

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9. Core Ball lunges

Works core muscles; tone legs, thighs and buttocks

In waist-deep water, do a lunge with right leg forward bent to 90 degrees and left leg extended behind. Hold an inflated ball about 6 inches in diameter with both hands in front of your navel. Note that the ball should be submerged into the water. Hold your position for 30 seconds then do lunge (scissor jump, landing on left leg bent forward) and hold again the position for 30 seconds.

10. Water jogging

Works core muscles e.g abs and buttocks, legs and thigh

On a deep water level, wear a flotation vest. Then “sprint” for 30-60 seconds: lifting your knees towards the chest and pumping your arms.

Do 10 repetitions.

11. Pool Leg balance warrior

Works core muscles e.g abs and buttocks, legs and thigh

Do the Warrior III yoga position in waist-deep water. Stand flat on your feet hip-width apart while holding noodle on water surface with both hands slightly wider than shoulder-width. Press the noodle down to the bottom as you raise your left leg behind you, straight and parallel to the floor. Your body and legs should be in a position parallel to the floor. Then switch foot.

Do 20 repetitions

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12. Noodle Bicycle

Strengthens Cardio, works back, arms and core muscles

Float in chest-deep water by straddling a noodle. Pedal your feet as fast as you can while doing fly backs-extend your arms straight on chest level, palms open, thumbs up and fingers close. Then open and close your arms). Do not lean, keep position stable and straight.

Do this for three minutes.

13. Pool Leg Sweep

Works legs, buttocks and abs

In chest-deep water, stand with left hand on pool and right hand raised over head. Sweep right leg forward to waist height then sweep behind.

Do for 30 seconds then switch leg

14. Pool Sit-up wall

Works core muscles e.g abdomen

In the shallow end of the pool, bring your legs off the wall one at a time. So your calves must rest on the pool edge platform, while your thighs are on the pool wall. Then, hold arms crossed on your chest and do sit ups. Use a towel on the edge platform so your legs won’t slip.

Do 10 to 15 repetitions.

15. Underwater, core rotation

Works torso, and core muscles

In a neck-high water, stand with feet flat on the floor, wider than waist-width apart . Extend your arms together, both palms touching each other and fingers closed. Make sure your arms and hands are submerged. Rotate your torso and turn your arms side to side.

Do 15 to 30 repetitions.

To sculpt your summer body, use the above pool exercises in planning your workout plan. And don’t forget to wear sunblock all over your body before pool workouts, so you won’t get sunburn. To add some challenge, why not take a summer retreat, where you can unwind, enjoy and stay fit all at once.
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