[INFOGRAPHIC] 11 Recreational Water Diseases You Should Be Aware Of

One of the best places to throw some gatherings or parties are the swimming pools. Recreational bathing is fun for any ages and considered to be a good form of exercise. However, you must also be cautious enough to know the risks that come with it.

By the looks of it, some water seem to be clean, but the truth is, you cannot easily tell if the water is safe or not by merely looking. Swimming in a contaminated water poses the risk of acquiring recreational water diseases and worse, even chlorinating and sanitizing the water won’t be a sure solution.

Your Loved-One Could Be at Risk for Recreational Water Diseases

Recreational Water Illnesses (RWI) refer to the diseases caused by germs and chemicals which pollute the water you swim in. Aside from swimming pools, it is also possible to acquire Recreational Water Diseases in contaminated spa pools, decorative water fountains, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Imagine the horrific cases of swimming pool-related infections you can contract eventually. Thus, it is important to ensure the safety of the water quality first before plunging into a fun-filled swimming activity.

To present further information about recreational water diseases, here’s a must-see infographic from Australian Spas and Pools, Melbourne’s leading swimming pool construction and renovation company.


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